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Dr. Harshlata Ladda – IVF Specialist in Latur

IVF Center in Latur

Samarth Hospital is an Infertility & Test Tube Baby Center in Marathwada region. Located at Aurangabad, Samarth IVF caters patients from Latur city as well. Due to lack of good IVF centers in Latur, many Infertility couples come from Latur and its surrounding areas. We at Samarth Hospital provide Low Cost IVF treatments for our patients. The main Treatments available in our infertility hospital are IVF, IUI, ICSI & Surrogacy Services.

Dr. Harshlata Ladda is one of the best infertility specialists in Marathwada region known for her work in the field of IVF and Infertility Treatment. She has been praised and awarded by Maharshtra Governor Mr. Bhagatshing Ji Koshyari at Rajbhav in the month of August 2021. Samarth hospital has fully qualified and dedicated team which helps the infertile couple to bring their dream of becoming proud parents in reality.

“Samarth IVF centre and dr. Harshalata Ladda gives very important information through her YouTube channel Samarth IVF, in the local Marathi language.

Her YouTube channel is also very popular on the Parbhani side as the best IVF information-giving channel.

Many people from Parbhani side like and comment on her channel.

You can subscribe to Samarth’s YouTube Channel Here.

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