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We are Mr & Mrs Deshpande from Bhokar, Nanded district. From the last 14 years, we were suffering from infertility. We visited many doctors of IVF in Nanded and surrounding area. Consulted Ayurvedic as well as allopathic doctors in and around Nanded district. As you people know, as an infertile couple, we are always in search of some hopes so went on visiting many temples and all other holy places but all efforts were futile. Actually, we lost all the hopes. One day my friend suggested to me that Dr Harshlata Laddha from Samarth IVF which is renowned to provide best IVF treatment in Nanded is coming to Nanded and conducting free infertility check-up camp.

So we decided to visit the camp and try our luck once again. The first time we registered for the camp like this. After visiting madam and sir, we came to know the exact reason for our infertility. Because both of them explained our problem in a very simplified way, without using many medical terminologies.   

We decided to go ahead with the IVF treatment as explained by the doctor. During the whole procedure of IVF, we got very sympathetic treatment. Madam and sir were explaining all treatments portion in a simplified way, so we were very relaxed and stress less. All the staff was very friendly. As we had to travel all the way from Bhokar to Aurangabad, but stress us to vanish as we used to enter the premises.

And finally, that day arrived, when madam gave us the best news of our life that we got the success in the first attempt. More to this joy, we came to know that my wife is going to give birth to twins. Now the sky was like just an inch to my hand. We took treatment for initial few months from madam and then further treatment in Nanded.  

Now we are proud parents of two male babies.

Thanks a lot, Dr Harshalata madam and Dr Atish sir as well as all staff members of Samarth IVF Aurangabad, we firmly believe the provide the best IVF treatment in Nanded.

“Samarth IVF centre and dr. Harshalata Ladda gives very important information through her YouTube channel Samarth IVF, in the local Marathi language.

Her YouTube channel is also very popular on the Nanded side as the best IVF information-giving channel.

Many people from Nanded side like and comment on her channel.

You can subscribe to Samarth’s YouTube Channel Here.

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