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I am Mrs Kharat and I belong to a village in Pathri taluk, Parbhani district. I’ve been married for 11 years. We tried for our baby for almost 9 years, but could not conceive. We visited many doctors for infertility treatment and IVF in Parbhani at various places from a small village doctor to many consultant level doctors in Parbhani, but all efforts were fruitless. One day while shopping in our market area I came to know that Dr Harshlata Laddha from Samarth IVF Aurangabad is coming to visit Parbhani for infertility and IVF treatment camp.
So my husband and I decided to visit the IVF treatment camp at Parbhani. When we visited the IVF treatment camp at Parbhani we realised how simply these doctors were explaining our problems, and there, for the first time, I came to know about my real problem. Dr Harshlata Laddha explained to me that I needed to undergo IVF treatment to get a baby. At Parbhani IVF & Infertility treatment camp, there were many patients like me. So it gave me little relief that I am not the only one who is suffering from this problem. Many couples were not properly diagnosed and advised by local doctors, but in Parbhani IVF & Infertility check-up camp Dr Harshalata Laddha was explaining all those people tirelessly. All were happy and few of us decided to go ahead with IVF treatment. So my IVF treatment started, the hospital staff was very cooperative. 
We started our treatment, did one cycle of IVF but that was unsuccessful, so we were very depressed. But Dr Harshlata had explained to us very nicely and motivated us for the second IVF cycle. So we underwent the second cycle and fortunately, we got the good news of our life that we are going to be parents of two babies.
We are very thankful to the entire team of Samarth IVF.

“Samarth IVF centre and dr. Harshalata Ladda gives very important information through her YouTube channel Samarth IVF, in the local Marathi language.

Her YouTube channel is also very popular on the Parbhani side as the best IVF information-giving channel.

Many people from Parbhani side like and comment on her channel.

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