General Pediatrics

We provide comprehensive primary care to children from birth through adolescence consultant pediatrician, neonatologist, and junior consultants are available on the clock service throughout the day.

Pediatric Allergy and Respiratory Diseases

The department conducts allergy and respiratory clinic.
Pediatric Developmental and Behavioural Medicine.
We provide comprehensive assessments for children and adolescents who have developmental and behavioral problems along with child psychologist and speech therapist.

Pediatric Nutrition Clinic

We are initiating a pediatric nutrition camp once in a month incorporating the dietary department and dietician.

Pediatric Nephrology

In collaboration with Nephrology Department, Department of Pediatrics provides diagnosis and management of kidney disorders. The dialysis unit in the hospital helps in the management of end stage renal failure.

Pediatric Neurology

An epilepsy clinic is being planned with the help neurologist and Seizure disorder children are followed up


Almost all newly available vaccines and the routine vaccines are given in our vaccination center. Vaccinations are given daily and BCG vaccination twice a week.



Mon-Fri11-5(day) & 7:30-8:30(eve)

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