Blastocyst culture is a process to develop embryos within a laboratory setting they reach the blastocyst stage. In normal IVF or ICSI process the embryo is transferred to woman’s womb on 3rd Day but Blastocyst Culture the Embryo is allowed to cultivate in the lab for a longer period of time. It needs special equipment, special culture media and Skilled and specially trained staff.

What is the Advantages of Blastocyst Culture?Blastocyst Culture Equipment

1) In increases the chances of IVF success my 10% over and above normal range.
2) Reduce the chances of multiple pregnancy because fewer embryos are transferred to woman’s womb.
3) Better chance of transferring good quality embryos.
4) It’s a proven technique for couples with multiple failed IVF.

Consult your IVF specialist to know more about Blastocyst Culture process and its benefits.

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