What is DNA fragmentation in sperm?

Sperm DNA fragmentation is a terminology used to represent abnormal genetic material within the sperm, which in turn may lead to male infertility or IVF failure.

Over 15% of married couples in the world experience fertility issues, and most of these cases are caused by male infertility factors. The most important test to evaluate male infertility is the semen analysis, but it does not provide information regarding all functions of sperm.

DNA fragmentation in sperm

Sperm DNA fragmentation (SDF) test calculates the quality of sperm in form of DNA package carrier, and that is the reason it’s more significant than the semen analysis. DNA damage, like denaturation and fragmentation, can have adverse effects on embryo development and fertilization. In comparison to fertile men, infertile men have more chances of sperm DNA damage and poorer sperm DNA integrity.

It is suggested that the ICSI method is a better option than IVF for assisted reproduction treatment of patients who have sperm with a high DNA fragmentation index(DFI).

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