What is the difference between IUI & IVF/ICSI?


Many people get confused between IUI & IVF/ICSI. Some people think that, both are same procedures. Some try to figure out difference by reading but get confused by reading complicated medical terminologies.
this article will help people to understand the difference between IUI & IFV/ICSI in a very simplified language .

IUI is a short form of Intra Uterine Insemination.

1) In this procedure washed, charged and activated sperms are manually placed in the upper portion of the uterus. Sperms travels by their own the remaining distance up to female eggs in side the body and enter in to the female egg and baby is formed inside females body’.
2) This procedure is less invasive .
3) Needs no anesthesia or simple sedation.
4) Need less injection pricks as compared to IVF/ICSI.
5) Chances of getting pregnancy is less in IUI as compared to IVF/ICSI. Approximate success rate of IUI per cycle is 12 to 18%.
6) IUI is less expensive as compared to IVF/ICSI.

IVF & ICSI are tow methods of TEST TUBE BABY .

1) In this procedure female’s egg and sperms are fused out side the human body, thus baby is formed in side the laboratory and formed baby is then transferred into female’s uterus
2) This procedure is invasive
3) Needs anesthesia to remove eggs from females body
4) Needs more injections to be taken
5) Chances of getting pregnancy is high per cycle , approximately 30 to 50 %
6) IVF/ICSI is expensive treatment as compared to IUI

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